SecPoint Penetrator 1U Rack Mountable - 8 Concurrent IPs Vulnerability Scanning Appliance (1 Year)

€ 1.699,00

1U Rack Mountable Appliance
SecPoint® Penetrator™ Vulnerability Scanner

Discover how a hacker could use existing vulnerabilities within your IT environment and get recommendations how to prevent this. You can scan your internal network as well as your public IP-adresses, websites, webshops, etc. That is what the Secpoint Penetrator stands for.

Key features:

  • Daily updates of vulnerability database
  • Different profiles for scanning
  • Easy to use GUI interface
  • option to scheduld your vulnerability scans, including e-mail notification at the end of the scan
  • Performant hardware, including high Speed SSD for local storage of log-files.
  • Enables you to scan local as well as public IPs.
  • Discovers vulnerabilities for SQL Injection, Blind SQL Injection, Command Execution, Information Disclosure, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), etc.
  • 60.000+ vulnerability signatures
  • No cost per scan and no limitation on number of IPs to scan
  • As a result of a scan you get a report which identifies the vulnerabilities discovered and recommendations to fix these.
  • Supports scanning of Linux, Windows Mac OS X, Servers Routers and Firewalls.
  • Setup within minutes

For more detailed information on the Secpoint Penetrator, please read this.

Secpoint Penetrator Brochure
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